It isn't business as usual.

The best advice I ever got was to get a coach. ---Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

The next level.

Want an ROI Over 500%?

There’s a reason successful business people and world class athletes have coaches. Quite simply, coaching delivers. In a recent survey, it was demonstrated that coaching delivered an ROI of 545%! Coaching is about results. 

More and more, organizations across the U.S. are hiring coaches as a perk for their top performers. The investment in coaching returns higher profits and a competitive edge for the company. That's what companies reported, when asked about corporate coaching in a survey of over 4000 organizations conducted by the ICF and Linkage, Inc.

What is Coaching anyway?

The International Coaching Federation℠ (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. ”Ultimately, coaches help people improve their performance. (See below for Types of coaching)

A professionally trained coach serves as a sounding board, strategic partner, confidante, and incubator for your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Effective business coaching enhances your ability to focus on making those choices needed to achieve your desired outcomes. It accelerates the process and increases the probability of success. With a coach as your committed partner, you receive positive support to improve your perspective, allowing you to focus attention and resources appropriately, and to perform at consistently optimal levels.

Business savvy.
Once used to bolster troubled staffers, coaching is now standard leadership development for executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase and Hewlett Packard.
These companies are giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: a trusted adviser to help them reach their goals. ---CNN

Coaching benefits…

  • Enhanced strategic thinking and decision making
  • Better interpersonal and communication skills
  • Improved leadership skills and increased confidence
  • Increased productivity--accelerated results

At Kappa Source, we understand that coaches must recognize the complex dynamics of business AND know how to help people change their behaviors. Success Coaching℠ is grounded in a proven methodology and used by coach-consultants with extensive business experience. We draw upon that experience, plus a well-stocked toolkit, to design each Success Coaching℠ program with the correct blend of coaching and consulting to ensure amazing results. We guarantee that what you get will be right for you.  You always get what you need.

Click here for an interview about Coaching and Collaboration:Collaboration Secrets - Anne Collier, CEO of Arudia & Debbie Charlton CEO of Kappa Source

Why Kappa Source?

Experience, customization and coaching mastery! We work with the best, providing a wide range of programs tailor-made to suit your specific needs. With our academic roots in education, our practical experience in the business world, and our certifications in professional coaching, we are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive solutions, giving us a distinctive edge over any competition. Our unique approach to coaching serves to strengthen leaders in their ability to maximize overall impact and effectiveness in
the workplace. We create success. Guaranteed.                                                                                       It isn’t business as usual.

Your personal best.

It can be lonely at the top. There aren’t many people an executive can turn to for advice and support. It’s tough for a leader to find an objective sounding board for new ideas—someone, with no personal agenda, to provide a second opinion.  An executive coach is that someone.     

Highly successful executives invest in Executive Coaching to improve leadership and management effectiveness. Coaching helps leaders recognize and play more fully to their strengths and talents. Coaches provide a fresh perspective to help professionals rise to the next level. Executive Coaching is a smart investment in the present and future of executives and the teams they lead.

Realize tangible results…

  • Heighten personal awareness
  • Accelerate readiness for higher levels of responsibility
  • Manage emotions in tough situations
  • Build strong, high performance teams
  • Validate strategic decisions
  • Align behaviors with bottom line goals 

Executive Coaching is about improving effectiveness for the executive and the organization as a whole. It complements other leadership, team and organizational development initiatives, and promotes a healthy, robust and dynamic culture.  

Leverage the unique benefits of this confidential, proven, one-on-one process to take your leadership competence to a significantly higher level of success. Your success is our success.  

Make sure you have someone in your life from whom you can get reflective feedback.
---Warren Bennis, Author and Leadership Expert

Be your best.  Contact us now.

(Roger Federer knows how to play tennis, but he still needs a coach.)

Power up.

Effective leaders are critical to every company’s success. Good leadership is simply no longer good enough. Executives and professionals aspiring to be tomorrow's top leaders, must learn to distinguish themselves as great by performing at their best, and inspiring the best from their people. Coaching accelerates this development.  

With our support, up-and-coming executives strengthen foundational competencies, hone sophisticated ‘soft skills’, and focus on identifying and maximizing their greatest strengths. They develop their own personal signature presence.

Leadership Development coaching brings about positive, measurable and long-term behavioral change. Targeted for next generation leaders, Leadership Development focuses on making sure leaders have everything they’ll need for success. The result is emerging leaders, equipped with critical leadership capabilities, ready to confidently manage their teams and responsibilities well, and to become effective influencers for the entire organization. We tailor our coaching to your company’s strategic development and succession planning goals.

“Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible." Colin Powell

Leadership happens daily. Find out more about how you can create tomorrow’s leaders today. Contact us now!
If you’re looking for a group workshop that teaches strategic coaching skills to Managers and Leaders, see The Coaching Clinic.

Breakthrough to success

One-to-one performance coaching is the best way for both organizations and individuals to significantly impact the bottom line.
                    ---FORTUNE Magazine 

Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes.

    --- John Whitmore,
    Coaching for Performance

Often smart and talented exexcutives have blind spots or weaknesses in a specific area of performance that neither counseling nor training have effectively resolved. The leader who wants to break through this barrier to success is the perfect candidate for Performance Coaching.


  • Inefficient and/or ineffective use of time
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Inadequate communication skills
  • Decision making challenges  
  • Inability to think and plan strategically

Performance Coaching is not about “fixing” someone, it’s about figuring out the issue that’s getting in the way of their success. We guide clients to identify the source of the issue and the core belief that drives it. Once the underlying belief is identified, issues become clear and coachable. By applying the right tools and techniques at the core level Performance Coaching drives behavioral change.  

Performance Coaching challenges the status quo, facilitates change, and provides an accountability structure for achieving breakthrough results.  We help clients discover their own answers. They raise the bar and start playing a better game, moving beyond their perceived potential.  Performance Coaching produces lasting and sustainable results that put the leader back on track to success.

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Leadership in motion.

How Can New Leaders Deliver Faster Results?

One of the hallmarks of organizational success is the ability of a new or recently promoted employee to successfully transition into a new or expanded leadership role. The pressure to perform, and perform quickly, often undermines their ability to do just that.  

Starting a new job is exciting, but also stressful. Transitional Coaching accelerates a leader’s ability to make a significant contribution, while reducing the stress of being in a new position. It is an essential component of any successful succession planning or onboarding program.

Employee satisfaction is also vital to success in a new role. Another goal of Transitional Coaching is to make sure the new leader feels valued and prepared for what lies ahead. Transitional Coaching focuses on helping them thrive, not just survive.

Transitional Coaching helps new executives/managers/leaders:

  • Increase the speed of integration
  • Significantly reduce their learning curve
  • Rapidly build productive relationships
  • Address critical success factors early

Transitional Coaching for newly-promoted leaders is also great for onboarding! Complete our online form for more information.

Balance life.  Achieve success.

What are You Waiting for?  Live Your Best Life...NOW!

If I could only get that promotion, find a relationship, lose twenty pounds… then I would be happy. Many people believe they can’t feel fulfilled in their lives until something they want manifests. Kappa Source believes you don’t have to wait for anything. You can feel successful and fulfilled, now, while you move toward your goals. 

By enhancing your self-awareness and personal responsibility, Successful Life Coaching improves your capacity to focus on the decisions and changes you need to make. We understand that real success is about the whole person. Successful Life Coaching is holistic; it covers all aspects of your life -- career, relationships, money and health. You set the agenda.  

In a nutshell.

People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

                               ---Abraham Lincoln

The fast track to... 

    • Develop clarity, focus and purpose
    • Turn fear into power
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Turn stress into vitality
    • Build healthy relationships
    • Create work/life balance

If you have the ability to envision what you want, you have the ability to achieve it. Successful Life Coaching provides the support you need to live your best life… now!  Contact us

May the force be with you.

Join the Winner’s Circle!

Where do you go for guidance on important issues? Where can you turn when you want some confidential advice about an idea or an opportunity? Sometimes the best place to turn is to other leaders like you. 

Leaders tell us they need a regular forum where they can speak candidly about the challenges they face, and hear how others have resolved similar issues. They’re not looking for a dinner meeting or a conference, but a working group sharing proven insights and practical solutions. Group coachingis a facilitated process, led by a skilled coach-consultant. Groups are created to maximize the combined energy, experience and wisdom of the group. There are two distinct types of groups that benefit significantly from group coaching:

  1. Success Networks: Peers within similar professions from different companies

  2. The Leadership Trust: Peers or Teams within the same company

Group Coaching is one of the most time saving and cost effective methods for continuous professional development. In a facilitated, supportive environment, group members receive creative input, clarity, direction and personal attention. Participants brainstorm new possibilities, give one another feedback, and set up accountability structures that keep them focused and on track.  Group coaching works for companies, organizations, and related professionals. Coaching takes place via teleconference and is scheduled at regular intervals based on the needs of the group. Group coaching makes good sense in today’s economic climate because it’s scalable, affordable, and effective. Don’t give up meeting, just give up travel. It’s proven and powerful. People inspiring people. Guaranteed.

Begin to leverage the unique benefits of group coaching to take your life to a significantly higher level of personal and professional satisfaction. Contact us now.

Coach On Demand

Coaching 911.

How are your employees dealing with the demands and uncertainty of the current business climate? When they feel overwhelmed, where can they go for the objective, confidential support they need…when they need it? 

Kappa Source Coach on Demand provides access to just-in-time coaching, intended for employees who need a quick solution to a current issue. One-on-one coaching, via telephone, provides effective solutions to virtually any situation. This unique approach allows employees to benefit from the objective, third party, advice of a certified coach, based on solid management principles. 

Coach Online

At your finger tips.

A companion to Coach On Demand, Coach Online is a ground-breaking program that utilizes your company portal or intranet to answer questions or address issues posted by employees. Practical advice from certified business coaches is published online and satisfies employee needs in near ‘real time’. Coach Online can be set up as a blog with “public only” posts and responses, or to direct employees to Coach On Demand for personal, confidential, one-on-one coaching. 

Coach On Demand and Coach Online extend the practical benefits of coaching to a much wider population. Employees, at every level, have access to a certified professional coach for confidential support, feedback and strategies.

Coach On Demand and Coach Online are excellent, cost effective, perks that benefit both the employee and the company. Services are coordinated through the Human Resources Department. 

The Results are Priceless!

  • Fast, straightforward, tactical coaching
  • Quick solutions with immediate value
  • Practical benefits to a wide population (all employees)
  • Management time freed up
  • Improved employee morale and performance
  • Compelling intranet/employee portal content 

To launch Coach On Demand at your company, complete our online form.