It isn't business as usual.

"I would highly recommend this high-impact program for developing leadership skills." Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

The Coaching Clinic®

Lead more.  Manage less.   

Kappa Source and Corporate Coach University presents


Essential Coaching Skills for Managers

The Coaching Clinic® has earned a reputation as the BEST and most comprehensive coaching skills training for managers. It focuses on the key elements that create an understanding of the coaching process, and teaches crucial coaching skills and competencies.  

A Simple, Cost Effective Solution to Employee Engagement…

The old style of “command-and-control” is no longer an effective management approach. Leaders must place a new emphasis on harnessing individual and collective talents. This requires a new type of workplace relationship. The Coaching Clinic is designed to provide leaders at all levels with both the skills and the process for creating that new relationship through coaching. The Coaching Clinic is a two-day leadership development program led by our Corporate Coach University Licensed Facilitators. It’s geared towards managers, supervisors, and leaders at every level who want to learn advanced communication and organizational leadership skills. The Coaching Clinic is experiential learning at its best. It’s a fully developed model that managers can implement immediately.

What is The Coaching Clinic®?

The Coaching Clinic is a two-day leadership development program led by our Corporate Coach University Licensed Facilitators. It’s geared towards managers, supervisors, and leaders at every level who want to learn advanced communication and organizational leadership skills. The Coaching Clinic is experiential learning at its best. It’s a fully developed model that managers can implement immediately.  

During the two-day Coaching Clinic program, participants:
  • Discover coaching as a powerful model for engagement, empowerment, and leadership
  • Experience and practice “state-of-the-art” coaching techniques using the Coaching Conversation Model
  • Understand the structure and process of integrating a coach approach to management
  • Position the organization for rapid growth and development
  • Learn how to apply a coach approach in the workplace—immediately

This is a hands-on, interactive course where theory is put into practice. Participants walk away with practical tools they can use right away in the workplace.

What are the Benefits?

Coaching is at the foundation of any successful performance management system. It enhances self-awareness, develops interpersonal skills, cultivates confidence and aligns performance with organizational outcomes. 


  • Enhanced management and leadership skills
  • Improved individual and team performance
  • An environment that promotes learning and development
  • Managers who inspire and instill trust
  • Increased loyalty and commitment
  • Performance issues addressed more efficiently and effectively

The Coaching Clinic equips managers and leaders to ‘show up’ as coaches in their working relationships. Workplace coaching expands beyond performance reviews to become part of everyday workplace interactions. Kappa Source helps managers understand the ease with which these coaching skills can be incorporated into their existing management style, and their organization’s established performance management systems. 

Participants also discover their personal coaching style using the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory®, which provides insights into how best to communicate with their team members.

Leadership Development…

Applying coaching skills drives rapid development of individuals and teams, while fostering leadership growth. Managers, who successfully integrate coaching skills into their management approach, step up to powerfully lead, encourage, and inspire their people to excellence. From the front line to the boardroom, leaders are discovering the power of coaching to support leadership development.

The Coaching Clinic is a hands-on, practical workshop designed for anyone who has responsibility for leading others. This workshop is designed for leaders at every level of responsibility and experience: Executives, managers, supervisors, HR/OD professionals, Training and QA professionals, coaches and consultants.

Coaching helps develop sound leadership, outstanding interpersonal skills, and the ability to manage organizational conflicts productively. The Coaching Clinic, leadership development program, is the ideal platform for establishing supportive interaction that leads to the achievement of business results.

This two-day workshop can also be effectively delivered over four half days, or condensed into a one-day workshop, based on your organization's needs. There is a half-day follow up eight weeks after the course.

Corporate Coaching UniversityThe Coaching Clinic® has been successfully presented to corporations in a variety of industries worldwide. Developed by Corporate Coach University, the program has earned a reputation as the best and most comprehensive core coaching skills training for managers. 

Why Kappa Source?

Experience, customization and personalization! Kappa Source works with the best, providing High Performance programs tailor-made to suit your needs.   Our unique synergy of business consulting and integrative coaching makes us uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive solutions, giving us a distinctive edge over any competition. We create success. Guaranteed.

It isn’t business as usual 

The Coaching Conversation® Workshop

Powerfully simple. Simply powerful.

It’s a New World! Are You Ready?

What it is…

The Coaching Conversation® workshop is a half-day program built around one of the core concepts from The Coaching Clinic, the Coaching Conversation communication model. This five-step model helps structure coaching and performance-related conversations for more effective communication leading to better outcomes.

What it does…

The Coaching Conversation workshop provides an introduction to the principles of coaching and the use of a communication model that helps take the guesswork out of coaching conversations by providing structure and building in accountability.

Who it’s for…

The Coaching Conversation serves as an introduction to corporate coaching and the construct necessary for consistent results. As such, this workshop is intended for managers, supervisors, mentors, leaders and consultants without prior formal coach training. No previous coaching experience is required.

What to expect…

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Discover some of the core principles of successful coaching
  • Learn the five-step Coaching Conversation Model
  • Understand the theoretical basis for each step, and its importance
  • Review real business case studies
  • Practice using the Model in simulated coaching conversations

Using the Coaching Conversation Model, participants will build confidence in using coaching as a problem solving and developmental tool.  Participants also receive a Coaching Conversation Model Participant Guide and Reference Card.

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory

Tell it like it is. 

Improve Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

What it is…

Communication has become a more complex tool in our fast-paced, global environment. The mastery of skills to communicate in a more sophisticated and knowledgeable way is critical to bringing about the results we desire, both personally and professionally. Whether you’re working in a large company or an entrepreneurial business, understanding the way you and others communicate will serve you, and the people you interact with, very well.

The Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® (PSCI) boosts the effectiveness of performance-related interpersonal communication. The Inventory provides insight into how people are likely to communicate while giving and receiving coaching and feedback. Corporate Coach University has created a half-day workshop that helps participants interpret and embed the insights gained through the PCSI.

The PCSI was created in 1997 for coaches by coaches. Tens of thousands of coaches and managers, worldwide, have used the Inventory with outstanding results. 

What it does…

The PCSI workshop is a half-day program of learning, discovery and practice in which participants discover their own preferred communication style and learn how to “flex” their communication style for more productive interactions.  

The PCSI identifies four principal communication style traits and explains why and how these natural tendencies influence behavior and interaction during coaching conversations. With an understanding of these styles, leaders and coaches can better tailor their communications to suit individual and team needs. Effective communication occurs more readily and openly, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and achievement.

The PCSI provides a practical tool to assess the impact of communication style conflicts and synergies both one-on-one and in team coaching.  Leaders who coach learn to “flex” their communication style for more productive interactions.

Who is it for?

The PCSI Workshop is intended for managers, supervisors, leaders and teams.

What to expect…

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Why coaching styles are important
  • The Strengths and Liabilities of each style
  • The impact of different styles in the workplace
  • The impact of communication with someone of the same style
  • The implications & impact of styles as a Leader / Manager / Coach and team member

Participants will practice coaching with different styles and “flexing” their own style to gain confidence and increased comfort with this new skill.

Benefits of Using the PCSI®

  • Easy to use
  • Provides a short, simple snapshot of styles
  • Makes it easy to build rapport
  • Gives others a way to communicate with you
  • Can eliminate miscommunication
  • Fosters respect for differences
  • Provides a new approach to understanding people
  • Creates focused communication
  • Become aware of potential gaps for personal growth

The PCSI workshop includes a fully developed facilitator guide, plus participant workbook and the self-scored Inventory. The materials are for open sale. No licensing by CCU is required.