It isn't business as usual.

"New, valuable tools and processes have enabled me to gain control & be successful in a very challenging role." AVP, Transportation

Your Time, Your Life

Mission control.

Do You Have Time for Success?

The ultimate paradox of modern living is feeling hurried, overwhelmed and driven while in pursuit of balance, connection, and harmony. With Your Time, Your Life you can change your world…without ever leaving the office!

A Day in Your Life…

  • Too much to do with too little time?  
  • Up against deadlines and falling behind?  
  • Anxiously trying to do more, better, faster, with fewer resources?
  • Putting out fires instead of focusing on what’s important?  
  • The business running you instead you running the business? 

No matter how much we say we “thrive on chaos”, most people simply feel overwhelmed. Time pressures and chronic stress lead to ineffectiveness and burnout.  

Your Time, Your Life is a program for individuals or groups. This powerful workshop is based on a synthesis of the most successful personal productivity systems, including Take Back Your Life, by Sally McGhee and Getting Things Done, by David Allen. It addresses the issue of ‘too much to do in too little time’ by helping you identify your typical ‘time wasters’ and learning to determine what’s the most important thing to do now. Your Time, Your Life leverages Microsoft Outlook to help you become more focused, proactive, and successful. 

At the heart of Your Time, Your Life is an important shift in focus from “being busy” to “concentrating on results”. This workshop is transformational and practical. It changes your relationship with time and alters your ideas about priorities. Work smarter by taking control of your time…and your life.

A Gift of Time…

  • 26% reduction in volume of daily emails
  • 63% reduction in  number of ‘Inbox’ emails
  • 32% less time processing email 
  • 18% less time spent looking for information each day
  • 15% fewer interruptions
  • 75% greater chance of tasks being completed
  • 6.5 more hours per week spent on activities directly relating to goals

Utilizing Microsoft Outlook, Your Time, Your Life teaches you to set up and maintain a practical organizational management system to plan, process and prioritize your work. This program delivers the tools and practices to execute with more precision and clarity, resulting in more time spent on strategy and less time simply coping. Your time is precious. Spend more of it on what really counts—take back your time and your life now! The return on your investment is huge! 

Why Kappa Source?

Experience, customization and personalization! Kappa Source works with the best, providing High Performance programs tailor-made to suit your needs. Our unique synergy of business consulting and integrative coaching makes us uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive solutions, giving us a distinctive edge over any competition. We create success. Guaranteed. 

It isn't business as usual.