It isn't business as usual.

Coming together is a beginning; Staying together is a process; Working together is success. ---Henry Ford


What size companies do you work with?

Kappa Source works with diverse publicly and privately held organizations, large, mid-size, small and start-up companies. Kappa Source is designed to be flexible and scalable. No issue is too small, no request is too big. 

What if I don’t know what I need—what program or service?

What a great question! It’s very common to recognize that something’s not working as well as it could, but not know exactly what to do about it. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you figure it out. Just give us a call or complete our online form. We’ll spend the time necessary to determine what makes the most sense to get the results you want, in your particular circumstance.

This is a free initial consultation. We offer it to all our clients. In most cases, we’re able to provide a creative, customized solution that meets your needs. But if we can’t, we’ll help you find someone who can. We’re here to serve. 

How do people find Kappa Source?

Most of our clients are referred to us by other satisfied clients. We’re often hired by other departments within a company where we’ve worked. The results we produce keep the clients coming. 

How do you charge for services?

Our engagements vary as widely as our clients needs and objectives. Our fees may be project-based, or based on the actual number of hours we work. We also have clients who keep us on retainer to maintain access to us and to make sure we’re available when they need us. We make sure these clients get great value for the money. 

Factors to be considered are the length of the engagement, number of participants, location (travel time and expense), and solution or program design. We always take into account the budgetary restrictions of our clients and modify programs and services as appropriate. Services are typically paid by the client company, but we also contract directly with individuals for coaching services 

What is your approach to coaching and consulting?

Kappa Source recognizes that no two clients are alike and provides solutions that are tailor made. Experience has shown us there is tremendous value in considering each engagement a ‘clean slate’. We begin with no predetermined bias about what needs to happen. Instead, we listen. We create a dialogue. We collect information. Then, we recommend a solution that guarantees our clients the business results they expect. It’s our goal to create real partnerships with our clients…from the beginning. 

Although our solutions are custom, our approach is standard. We use the same methodology for every engagement whether it’s individual coaching or an organizational-wide consulting initiative. Tools and scope may change based the engagement, but we follow these basic steps to ensure a comprehensive solution—end-to-end. Simple. Practical. Effective. 

How do you measure results?

At the start of any engagement, we work with our clients and come to agreement on how we will measures the success of the engagement. We typically establish check points, or milestones, in our agreement, and regularly assess our progress against these milestones with our client. We not only consistently help our clients meet their objectives, we guarantee results

I don't live near a Kappa Source office location; can I still be a client?

Most of our clients don’t live near our offices. Kappa Source coach-consultants regularly travel to client sites. For many engagements much of our work can be accomplished via phone and email.

Does anyone else offer your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMWORKTM Program?

No. You won’t find this kind of high performance team building anywhere else. HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMWORKTM is an exclusive program designed and developed by Kappa Source.

Do you teach managers how to engage in conflict?

We are experts at teaching leaders how to engage in productive conflict. Specifically, in both our High Performance Teamwork and The Coaching Clinic programs, we use a “coaching conversation” model that participants learn to use in real world situations. We also support our coaching clients engage in productive conflict. 

The first step in engaging in productive conflict is creating an environment of trust. Trust is foundational and mandatory. Contact us to find out more. 

What’s the solution to the downturn in employee engagement?

A study conducted by Hewitt Associates, a global human resources company, states that almost half of all organizations around the world saw a significant drop in employee engagement levels at the end of the second quarter of 2010. That’s the largest decline they have seen since they began conducting employee engagement research 15 years ago. 

What’s the solution? Again and again, employees who are “coached” to performance, rather than “managed” to performance, have a greater commitment to their own work and the achievement of the organization's goals. That the essence of employee engagement. And, coaching promotes the creativity, breakthrough performance, and resilience needed in today's environments where people have to "do more with less." 

Kappa Source now offers Corporate Coach University's The Coaching Clinic®. Coaching is taught as a managerial discipline and skill set to enhance performance, action, creativity, momentum, and transformation. This model of coaching literally incorporates hundreds of specialized skills, principles, concepts, practices, and nuggets of wisdom. Check it out by clicking on the link and let us know if you have any questions.

What are the symptoms of a team in trouble?

The symptoms of team ineffectiveness can be gauged by observing the process and behaviors of the team, for example, the way they talk to and about each other. Symptoms of a team in trouble include:

  • Lack of trust and loyalty towards one another, complaints or gossip from various sources
  • “Them” versus “us” mentality
  • Back-channel politics, critical issues discussed one-on-one instead of with the team
  • Lack of agreement on important team decisions; indecisiveness
  • Team members being absent from scheduled team meetings, or inattentive during meetings
  • Insufficient accountability from the team leader or peers within the team
  • Missing deadlines, inability to meet targets
  • Attention and energy focused outside of teams objectives, decrease in efficiency or productivity of the team

Recognize any of these symptoms? We can help. Read more about Team Development.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one trusting relationship with someone who facilitates and guides an individual to achieve results in areas important to them. Coaching is a relationship that is built on respect, trust, safety, and accountability. It’s a confidential, individually-tailored process designed to meet the needs of the client. The purpose of the relationship is to support the client in becoming their absolute best. 

Coaches are described as the "secret power" by Fortune and "invaluable" by Time magazines. Businesses and corporations routinely report increased retention, productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. Individuals who work with a coach report greater life satisfaction, higher levels of productivity, less stress, and increased levels of life satisfaction. 

What Are The Most Common Reasons To Hire A Coach?

 Some of the most common reasons are to:

  • Accomplish a challenge or goal, or take advantage of an opportunity that really matters.
  • Fill a gap in experience, skill, and/or confidence.
  • Generate the best solutions for a specific situation.
  • Identify barriers to success and develop a plan to resolve them.
  • Develop a greater balance between work and home.
  • Identify strengths and talents, and to determine how to best leverage them.
  • Accelerate results.
  • Provide professional accountability. 

How long are people active coaching clients?

We strive to help clients become self-sufficient as rapidly as possible. Many clients continue to seek our advice as they encounter new challenges and issues, including assessments of staff and transitions into new roles. 

What differentiates your coaching from other coaching?   

Kappa Source coaches are also experienced business consultants. The combination of coaching and consulting is, no doubt, the most effective way of increasing performance—quickly. When our clients need coaching, that’s what they get, when they need advice, they get that too. Our clients receive the benefit of years of practical experience and specialized training. We deliver what they need, when they need it. 

We provide a customized approach and individual care and attention. Our proven blend of business consulting and professional coaching delivers amazing results. We focus on our client’s talents and strengths, helping them discover the passion and the plan, to meet challenges, embrace change, enhance effectiveness and sustain peak performance. We’re capable, trustworthy, and focused on satisfying the needs of our clients…and we’re fun! 

Neither Coaching nor Consulting can be done well without genuine caring for our clients. We continue to be inspired by the genius of all humanity. 

What is a typical description of the overall coaching process and how will it be monitored and evaluated?

Once we have matched a client with a coach, the process begins. Depending on the situation, we suggest either one or two initial half-day sessions (preferably face-to-face) to develop the client profile and design a plan, followed by weekly one-hour phone sessions for a minimum of six months. At the three-month mark, we suggest another half-day session to assess progress achieved and to make appropriate adjustments to the initial plan. At the end of the six months, a final half-day session would evaluate the results to date against the original criteria set forth. The client may elect to continue with the coach at that time and a new coaching cycle would begin. 

How often does a typical coach meet with her/his client and over what time period?

Clients vary quite a bit on their coaching needs. We recommend that a client commit to the six-month process as outlined in the previous question. 

Can Kappa Source work with multiple individuals at the same company?

Handling sensitive situations is a specialty of Kappa Source. Over the years, we have worked separately with managers and employees, peers and partners, and still maintained the highest standards of confidentiality. Our approach ensures discretion and flexibility. 

Do I need to be concerned about confidentiality?

Not with Kappa Source. We value the relationships we build with our clients and are sticklers for confidentiality. Our coaching and consulting clients have trusted us, with good cause, with the intimate details of their business and personal lives. We will not betray the trust of a client. 


What are Success Networks?

Whether your goal is to broaden your impact, increase your income, branch off in a new direction, or start playing a bigger game, you can learn from your colleagues by joining an exciting, challenging, virtual group that creates opportunities for learning and results. Success Networks are facilitated, peer-to-peer groups that provide a powerful forum designed to move every participant forward. Getting together with other leaders is powerful because it provides an opportunity to contribute, listen and reflect, in a structured, confidential setting. If you want to learn from other high achievers in your field, Success Networks is tailor-made for you. It’s people inspiring people. 

Which is more cost effective, one-on-one coaching or group coaching?

It depends on the need. 

One-on-one coaching is very cost effective because it’s fast. The client receives direct, individual, specific feedback and guidance that is applied in real time. This means the both the client and the company see immediate results. 

Group coaching is incredibly cost effective when a company wants multiple managers/employees to learn a specific set of skills. Group coaching ensures the direction/ instruction and application of skills is consistent across a company, and, as in one-on-one coaching, those skills are applied to the workplace in real time. The coach is also able to provide the company with an assessment of the skills and attitudes of each manager -- invaluable information that can be used for future development/investment. 

In both one-on-one and group coaching, assessments (objective, self, and supervisory) can be used to determine what’s needed and where to start/begin. Assessments can also be used to benchmark skills and abilities and then measure the results achieved. 

Who Benefits From Coaching?


More and more, organizations turn to coaching individuals and teams. The investment returns improved performance for the individual and higher profits and competitive edge for the company. This is what companies reported in a survey of over 4000 organizations by the International Coach Federation and Linkage, Inc. who were asked about their interest and involvement in corporate coaching. 

Executives and Managers

Coaching different levels within the organizational structure has been shown to be an effective approach to inspire and develop leaders. Executives and managers report decreased stress and increased levels of confidence and support. 

Individual Contributors

Coaching those targeted for growth in the organization is an effective method of personal and professional development. Coaching is a method that develops and retains high potential individuals.

What’s different about Kappa Source training programs?

Kappa Source programs lead the market in innovation and ingenuity. We blend the current thinking of the best business minds of our time with our own unique training, experience, and ideas. 

Our program offerings are modular, the components fit together into an overarching Create Successä program model. You can pick and choose which modules are needed by your organization, and when. We then customize the module(s) based on your specific requirements. The result is the best of all worlds delivered to you in one custom solution. 

These aren’t ordinary workshops or training seminars; they’re transformational learning experiences. They provide not just the “what”, but also the “how” and the “why”. Our programs equip participants with the theory, the tools AND the practice so application begins during the workshop and continues beyond into the workplace.

Kappa Source programs

  • Are designed on the leading edge of thought
  • Meet your specific needs—No “one size fits all”
  • Are practical, relevant and results-focused
  • Deliver the benefits of both coaching and consulting
  • Stand the test of time
  • Guarantee success!

Do you have standard trainings, or can I get customized training?

We customize all our workshops and training programs to meet the specific objectives of our clients. Any difference between programs is in the level of that customization. We offer everything from our standard courses that require minimal customization to multi-session programs that extend over a period of months and are very customized. 

We let you decide. 

Why is it important to include “fun” in the work you do?

It’s been shown that humor helps people cope with difficult issues at work, from stress and change, to communication, conflict and dealing with difficult people. And, humor is good for creativity. It enhances people’s ability to think freely, generate new ideas, and solve complex problems sometimes with sudden insight or unusual approaches. 

An organizational culture that doesn't take itself too seriously ensures better employee relations and teamwork, and makes it easier for people to challenge entrenched systems, old habits and obsolete procedures. It’s also a culture that minimizes fear, making it more likely to be forward-thinking and innovative. 

So why does humor work? Because laughter is a release; it’s a moment of sheer pleasure. And in our world of tension and turmoil, a good laugh is a physical escape valve. So, for best organizational performance, encourage people to laugh and have fun at work.

Why do you use Assessments?

We use assessments, or diagnostic instruments, as a fast way of gathering behavioral data in an objective way. It provides the "science" part of our equation. The information gathered is validated and interpreted through an interactive discussion. This dialogue provides the "art" part of our equation. It is where the data transforms from flat & 2-dimensional to robust, relevant, & 3 dimensional. It’s where we turn data into insight, and insight into practical application.

Our assessment process is not meant to classify people into neat and convenient boxes. No one fits into a category. No one person is just like another. The data and interpretation is used as a lens through which to view any performance question. Insights gained can leverage an individual's strengths, predict likely obstacles to success and mitigate them.

The Kappa Source team has held positions in the corporate/business world, as well as serving as consultants and coaches. Business experience gives us an accurate perspective. Consulting engagements have provided us with insight into multiple methods and approaches. We can pick and choose those elements that make the most sense. Coaching is all about transformation. Coaches understand people and their emotions. We deal with resistance, denial, anger and withholding on a regular basis. We know how to ask powerful questions, offer advice in a non-confrontational way and help people envision and move towards objectives. 

Experience, customization and personalization! Kappa Source provides high performance programs and services tailor-made to suit your needs. Our unique synergy of business consulting and integrative coaching makes us uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive solutions, giving us a distinctive edge over any competition. 

And, we’re extraordinary diagnosticians – give us a few of hours and we’ll analyze your situation and prescribe a High Performance solution that promises to exceed your expectations. We create success. Guaranteed.