It isn't business as usual.

"We've turned the corner on team building and are on to teamwork--which is really great!"Director, Business Technology Services

Team Building 2.0                                                                                                                     

Want A Team That Really Works?

Does your team...

Feel overwhelmed by too much work and too little time?
Work in silos? Are they territorial and competitive?
Struggle with conflicting priorities?
Waffle on positions and hesitate to make decisions
Avoid confrontation?
Operate in reactive versus proactive mode?
Hold the same meetings over and over again?
Continue to do things “the way they’ve always been done”?

If any of these sound familiar, you have an opportunity to significantly increase productivity! Team members that don’t work well together drain the life right out of their organization. It’s like riding a tandem bicycle with riders facing in opposite directions—lots of activity, but no forward movement. In today’s competitive economy, can you really afford to be pedaling in different directions?

Genuine teamwork is built on a foundation of trust, collaboration, and commitment. High Performance Teamwork, our revolutionary approach to team success, accelerates the team building process, transforming teams from ‘good enough’ to 'great'. This flagship team building program, is built around The Five Keys to High Performance. Implementation of these keys significantly increases organizational productivity in real time.

What are the 5 Keys to High Performance?

Teams that learn to trust one another, engage in productive conflict. Engaging in productive conflict allows team members to commit to decisions made. When team members feel comfortable holding one another accountable, both individually and as a team, they can focus on collective team results.


What are the Benefits?

A High Performance organization means One Team℠, aligned from top to bottom, connected by a shared set of principles, common vocabulary, and rules of engagement.  High Performance teams...

  • Maximize the complementary skills and experiences of all team members
  • Embrace productive conflict and hold one another accountable
  • Jointly develop and communicate clear goals that support real time problem solving and decision making
  • Foster collaboration and facilitate cross-functional activities
  • Meet new challenges with speed and accuracy
  • Create synergy and improve bottom line performance—fast! 

High performance isn’t only about identifying and eliminating dysfunctional behaviors. It’s also about providing a strategic framework that produces clarity, focus and disciplined execution. Our unique integrated approach produces behavioral changes necessary for personal growth, and establishes an effective strategic management system to create team synergy, manage team priorities, and track team performance.

Who is it for?

High Performance Teamwork is designed for teams of any size, from senior leadership teams to project teams to entire departments. High Performance Teamwork programs range from two day workshops to a multi-workshop series depending on team size and objectives.

Why Kappa Source?

We specialize in teamwork! Kappa Source is uniquely qualified to deliver this ground-breaking, original program. Our successful blend of strategic consulting and team development delivers High Performance results. Veteran coach-consultants lead teams to assimilate concepts, and exclusive material and results-driven exercises embed the Five Keys into the team’s culture. We create success. Your success. Guaranteed.

  It isn’t business as usual. 


Set the bar. 

High Performance Teamwork is a revolutionary approach to leadership team success! This exclusive program is based on our Five Keys to High Performance and combines the best of business consulting and executive coaching. Team development takes place within the context of the actual business environment, ensuring buy-in and commitment from all team members, and achievement of tangible, measurable results.

An integrated approach… Approach to Teamwork

This is the only team development program that integrates Team Behaviors AND a powerful Team Performance management system into the team’s culture. 

  1. Team Behaviors –The Five Keys that address the interpersonal behavioral changes needed to support high performance teamwork

  2. Team Performance - Strategic Management system that provides a strategic focus for the work of the team

High performance requires both identifying and replacing dysfunctional behaviors and building a strategic system to manage your team with vision, clarity, and disciplined execution.

What are the Benefits?

Upon completion of the program, leadership teams will…
  • Heighten personal awareness, including personal impact on the team
  • Validate strategic direction and ensure team member alignment
  • Create a ‘cascading process’ to ensure consistent communication
  • Adopt Rules of Engagement to govern how team members will interact
  • Improve the effectiveness of team meetings

High performance leadership teams accomplish incredible results. They align with strategic direction, foster new behaviors, and facilitate cross-functional activities.

Who is it for?

This highly interactive, fast-paced program is designed specifically for leaders and their direct reports. Throughout the program, team members put high performance concepts into practice. They learn, not just what to do, but how to do it. Team-oriented exercises are embedded in real business issues, so change is produced within a real world context.

High Performance Teamwork for Leadership Teams is a series of workshops customized specifically for you. This program includes more than models and procedures; it includes behaviors and practices that drive high performance. Our proven blend of strategic consulting and team development coaching delivers sustainable change. Your team—a winning team. Guaranteed.

 Maximum impact.

One Team

Silos drain the life right out of an organization. Compartmentalization and competition drag departments away from one another, making it difficult to to get things done. But, when people learn how to work well together, synergy is created and work not only gets produced, but it's far superior to anything acommplished before! 

What are the benefits?

A High Performance organization means that everyone works as One Team℠--aligned from top to bottom, connected by a shared set of principles, a common vocabulary, and rules of engagement. High performance organizations get more accomplished in less time because they’re clear about what’s important, they make higher quality decisions, and stick to those decisions. Politics and confusion around priorities are eliminated. The result is higher morale, better work and increased productivity.

The best organizations…

  • Align with clear, shared goals
  • Communicate well, using a common vocabularly
  • Make higher quality decisions that stick
  • Agree on priorities
  • Act as One Team℠ versus separate silos

Who is it for?

One Team, High Performance Teamwork for Organizations, is designed for groups whose leaders have completed High Performance Teamwork for Leadership Teams. Like all of our programs, it is customized to meet your specific needs and is scalable for organizations of all sizes.  High Performance Teamwork for Organizations includes exclusive, original program materials, and facilitation of program components by qualified coach-consultants for all members of an organization.

People want to work well together. High Performance Teamwork for Organizations is designed to help them do just that. Results translate into lower stress, greater satisfaction and breakthrough results—High Performance! Guaranteed. 

Are you ready to get your people really engaged? Do you want higher morale and incredible productivity? Ask about One Team, The High Performance Organization. Contact us today!

Build a winning team.

Introduction to High Performance Teamwork (MBTI+), is a one-day program based on the Meyers-Briggs Personality Inventory and The 5 Keys to High Performance. This practical program identifies the root causes for team dysfunction and introduces the Five Keys that produce a cohesive, high performance team. 

After completing the workshop, participants will…

  • Understand The 5 Keys to High Performance Teamwork Model
  • Lay the groundwork for building trust
  • Increase self-awareness and self-management
  • Appreciate one another’s unique strengths and talents
  • Immediately increase personal and team effectivenes

Who is it for?

Introduction to High Performance Teamwork (MBTI+) is designed for teams of any size, from senior leadership teams to project teams to entire departments.

Low risk introduction

If you’re trying to decide if High Performance Teamwork is for your team, why not try this one-day preview? The cost can be applied towards our other High Performance programs.