It isn't business as usual.

Kappa Source was willing to go that extra mile. They delivered the exact solution we were looking for!CEO, Professional Services Firm

The people side of business.

 Why is Coaching and Consulting the #1 Results Strategy in Business Today?


It’s simple. Coaching + Consulting = SynergySimply defined, synergy means that the result is greater than the sum of its parts--meaning you get more value for your money. The dynamic duo of coaching and consulting generates the power to amp up performance!

We’re coaches AND consultants. When our clients need coaching, that’s what they get; when they need advice, they get that too. We deliver what you need, when you need it!

Our proven blend delivers breakthrough performance. Coaching and consulting, a partnership made in business heaven!


How do we Create Success?

We focus on the people side of business—leadership, strategy and culture. Whether it’s leaders, teams or companies, we align people with what they stand for, who they are, and what they want. Together, we create extraordinary results by bringing out the best in you and your people.


Our tailor-made programs focus on bringing the unique synergy of coaching and consulting to meet your 'people' challenges. Today, the level of human skills determine organizational success. Our programs provide exceptional development in interpersonal business skills, giving companies the workforce they need for success.

Success CoachingSM

Coaching transforms behavior to produce desired results. Success Coaching, our brand of coaching, is based on solid business experience and a proven methodology. Engagements are designed with the right blend of coaching and consulting to ensure desired outcomes. Our coaches use a well-stocked toolkit to assist clients with professional development, performance improvement and career direction. 

Consulting Services

Our customized consulting solutions blend the concepts of the best business minds of our time with our own unique ideas and experience. We use a collaborative approach that leverages tested models, customizable tools, and proven techniques to guide the process of developing a comprehensive solution. 


Assessments and surveys are invaluable tools when it comes to evaluating individual, team, and organizational performance, as well as measuring results. Our substantial inventory of validated, proven instruments provides in-depth, objective feedback about knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Facilitation and Training

Our facilitators and trainers are experts at developing an atmosphere that encourages creativity, originality and resourcefulness. We work well with both large and small groups, and design and deliver a wide variety of dynamic, interactive, and productive events. 

We deliver what you need 
When you need it

Powerfully Simple.  Simply Powerful.

Every Client Benefits from a Custom Solution

Kappa Source recognizes that no two clients are alike and provides solutions that are anything but cookie-cutter. Our programs and services are customized, flexible and infused with real-world know-how. 

We begin engagements with no predetermined bias about what needs to happen. Instead, we listen. We create a dialogue. We collect information. Then, we recommend a customized solution that guarantees our clients the business results they expect. We create collaborative partnerships...from the beginning.


Although our solutions are custom, our approach is standard. Tools and scope may change, but we follow five basic steps to ensure a comprehensive solution...end-to-end. We become your fulfillment partner of choice. We know that when we work together, we create extraordinary success!