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We always have a choice!

Posted by Kappa Source (kappa) on Aug 29 2013

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As human beings we have one overriding desire that trumps all others—freedom. We want to know that we’re in control of our own lives and our destinies. Too often, we feel trapped in our jobs, trapped in our families, trapped in our marriages—and sometimes—trapped in our lives! Feeling trapped is the opposite of feeling free. So, if you’re feeling trapped, you can’t feel good, and therefore, you cannot be at your best—anywhere.

So what can you do? How can you feel free in a job, that feels constricting?  It’s simple really, you can remember that you always have a choice.

Easy for me to say, right… Even if you don’t believe you can leave your job, you still have a choice about how it feels to be there. You have the option of looking for what’s wrong about your job, or looking for what’s right. What you focus on affects how you feel. And, you always have the choice of perspective, so pick the one that feels best?

Here’s an exercise that really helps. Write down everything you can think of that’s right about your job—make a list. Do it now. What parts of it are fun and stimulating? How much autonomy do you have? What people make you feel good about who you are and what you do?

My guess is that by the time you finish your first list, you’ll immediately feel better—freer. If you can figure out a way to eke out just a few really good things about your job each day, and milk them for all they’re worth, you’ll find it hard NOT to see more and more of what you want. You’ll feel like you have more control, more freedom, more happiness. I promise. Try it for a week. Let me know how it works!



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