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There's magic in optimism!

Posted by Kappa Source (kappa) on Jul 01 2012

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"Two men look out through the same bars:  One sees the mud, and one the stars."               --- Frederick Langbridge

In optimism there's magic. In pessimism there's fear. In positive expectation there's thrill and success. In pessimism, there's only more of the same…or worse. Which feels better, magic or fear? The answer’s obvious, but most of us forget that we have a choice. We choose our attitudes. We choose our thoughts. We choose to be optimistic, or we choose to be pessimistic.

My grandson, Parker, is the best living example I know of optimism. Parker, who is eight years old, is just excited to be alive. Even when there’s nothing special going on, he often exclaims, “This is the best day ever!” He sees a bowl of apples and says, “Hey! Let’s have an apple party!” He always walks with a little skip in his step. He simply ignores anything that may be considered bothersome by others. He's a great teacher of this game of life we’re all playing. He is optimistic.

Today, I challenge us, you and me, to practice changing our perspective. To practice being happy. To practice seeking out those people who make us feel good. To practice thinking thoughts that make us feel good—or at least feel better. With practice, we will begin to feel familiar in that place of positive expectation. Familiar in our knowledge that all really is right with our world. 

Once you find that place of well being, and can stay there for a few minutes, you’ll find that everything becomes easier. Inspiration kicks in, ideas flow, your own personal genius shows up. You have an overwhelming feeling of joy and it feels good! 

Here are a few ways I've found to find that 'good feeling' place...

  • Notice your ongoing conversation with yourself and banish any thoughts that don’t feel good.

  • Think about the meaning behind your work by focusing on the people your work helps, and how it adds value to the world.

  • Appreciate who you've become and what you have.

  • Think of ways to increase the value of what you do for others.

  • Remember past accomplishments and successes and revel in them for a few moments.

  • Assume the best! Keep an open mind about ideas and people.

  • Imagine that this is your ‘Best Day Ever’ and live it with this attitude--eager to accomplish great things!

  • Spend time with happy, optimistic people and steer clear of the negative, pessimistic ones.

Try a few of these and notice what happens. Let me know what works for you.                          

Remember, thoughts become things... choose good ones!   Debbie