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Now is the time to get in shape!

Posted by Kappa Source (kappa) on Jun 01 2012

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There may be disagreement about what needs to be done to get us all back on track economically, but there is agreement on one thing. Now is the time to take the opportunity to focus on the health of your organization. While things are moving a little more slowly, isn’t now the perfect time to assess the state of your workforce? To develop your leaders, build strong teams, and plan for the future? As we move out of this economic phase, you’ll want to be positioned rebound quickly.

You might be thinking, “That’s easy for you to say! We’ve got no budget for that kind of thing. Where are we supposed to get the money?” Well, there always seems to be money somewhere. It’s really a matter of priorities. According to the American Society for Training and Development, "In this knowledge-based economy, the differentiator for organizations is no longer systems and processes--it's people, and senior executives agree. People are the differential advantage."

In my view, there are at least three things that make perfect sense to spend money on now:

  1. Encourage synergies. Learn to work together in ways that stimulate new thinking. Break down barriers to collaboration; tear down silos between departments and begin to fully utilize the talent and resources you already have.

  2. Aligned around a solid, shared vision.  Let people know what their future holds, and make them a part of getting there.  Then show them by living and working the core values of your company.

  3. Give your leaders what they need to be their best selves--to take advantage of their potential. Use their strengths to be successful now. Coach them to hold your vision and execute your strategy.

If you’re worried about the message you might be sending to the rest of the organization by investing in high performance, stop worrying. Don’t you want them all to share resources, collaborate on their biggest issues and come up with innovative solutions? Don’t you want alignment around the purpose and vision of the company? Wouldn’t it be great if all executives were modeling greatness for the workforce? Aren’t these the best messages to send? And aren’t these the best ways to the minimize politics and lack of direction that are common during times like these? Isn’t this the best way to emerge stronger than ever?

There’s a new future on the horizon. And I say you’ve got to find a way to get ready for it!





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